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哪里有生命,哪里就有我们. This sentiment is part of our culture because we know that working with you to build long-lasting relationships and investing in the communities we call home will help us foster shared prosperity and a stronger future for all.

通过我们的社会影响项目, 建立强大的, we focus on investing in causes and organizations that are vital to our communities 还有我们的生意. We do this in two ways: outcomes-focused community investments, and support for our employees to give back to the causes they care about most.

Our community investments are directed to organizations that are integral to our local communities, 还有我们的生意. 我们是否提供补助金, awarding scholarships to future energy problem solvers or supporting local events that bring community members together, our goal is mutually beneficial relationships that help communities overcome social challenges.

对于我们的员工, 建立强大的 supports and encourages giving back in ways that resonate with them personally. 通过募捐, 捐赠, 志愿服务,甚至是简单的善举, TC能源的员工帮助世界变得更美好.

2022年,TC Energy的投资额超过30加元.向北美各地的社区捐赠了400万美元

在2022年,TC能源指导了超过 C$30.400万年 到北美各地的社区.

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TC能源公司是 加拿大伦敦基准组织(LBG). For a detailed breakdown of our community investment, workforce giving and 志愿服务 programs, 查看我们的加拿大同志摘要.

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